Designed to survive hurricanes.
We build reliability through strength and engineering.

Our 20kW Wind turbine on St. Croix in the USVI is the perfect example of reliability through strength and engineering. In preparation for Hurricane Maria, the owner easily lowered the hydraulic tower and secured the wind turbine. The system sustained zero damage from Maria. Once power was restored to the property, the tower was raised and the wind turbine was back in operation immediately.

Federal Grants

Federal Grant funds are available in the USVI and Puerto Rico through our dedicated grant writer. With an average ROI of about five years, installing a QED Wind Turbine is a great investment in generating economical power from the wind. To Learn more, receive a quote, or schedule a visit to the wind turbine site on St.Croix; visit our Contact Us page.

Our Tower

The hydraulics used by QED Wind Power can lower the entire tower in less than 30 minutes using a portable hydraulic power unit. This feature of the PHX 20kW enables the system owner to secure the system in a hurricane. This feature is more commonly used to perform the annual maintenance and to lower the tower to show off the turbine to their neighbors. This single feature adds safety protection and ease of maintenance all in one. A crane is never required to install or maintain a QED wind turbine.

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