QED Wind Power prides itself on 3 core principles: Quiet, Economical and Dependable. While the QED Phoenix 20kW system embodies all 3 of these ideas by itself, the QED Remote Monitoring and Management Platform (RMM) takes the Phoenix systems to the next level by turning it into a Internet of Things (IoT) device. The ability to remotely monitor and manage each wind turbine system in the QED ecosystem allows QED to provide the utmost level quality service to its customers. The QED RMM Platform provides the following capabilities:

  • Real time Monitoring of Production Levels
  • Long Term Power Production History
  • Administrative Remote Management
  • Remote System Updates
  • Encrypted Communications
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Local Current Weather Conditions
  • Customer Dashboard Interface
  • Support Case Management
  • Offline Production Data Collection
  • Preventative Remote Actions
  • Maintenance Alerts

Management Service

The QED Management Service is comprised of a number of primary and secondary services working in a modular fashion to process and handle all data in the QED systems.

Primary Services

  • Providing a User Interface for Customers
  • Real Time System Monitoring
  • User Management
  • Support Case Management
  • Store Production Output History¬† in Yearly, Monthly, Daily, Hourly and even the minute intervals
  • Monitoring Remote Agent Status

Secondary Services

  • Retrieving and Monitoring Nearby Airport METAR Weather Data in Real Time
  • Retrieving and Monitoring NOAA Weather Severe Alerts in Real Time
  • Monitoring Maintenance Intervals and Alerts
  • Provide Numerous Reports on Individual Systems
  • System Alerts sent via Email and Text messaging

As QED continues to work on and refine its management capabilities a number of new features are already planned and in development.