Meet the Phoenix 20kW System

Designed with safety, reliability and simple functionality in mind the QED Phoenix 20kW system is ideal for farms, residences, small commercial locations and schools.

Made primarily in the USA, the PHX20 combines years of testing into a solid design focused on increased power production. Besides being a fully integrated IoT (Internet of Things) device, our PHX20 Wind Turbine was designed for the “MicroGrid” concept. No special transformers or wiring is needed for our technology, and it can be connected directly into existing infrastructure. With an average Return on Investment (ROI) of about five years in many locations, installing a QED Wind Turbine is a great investment for generating economical power from the wind.

Watch the PHX20 in Action

Components and Other Information


The QED 6 meter blade is custom built by the Molded Fiber Glass (MFG) Companies at their Gainesville, Texas location. This fiberglass blade is manufactured in the same facility that has produced over 1000 blades for utility scale wind turbines.


Active Yaw System design provides enhanced safety, reliability and production. Our combination two-stage reduction gear and clutch is custom built in Ohio. We then couple it with the highest quality motor and slew bearing system available.


The QED blade flange is custom built in Omaha, Nebraska by a specialty machine-works shop that has been family run for over 50 years.

Manufacturing Partners:

  • Blades – Molded Fiber Glass Companies, Gainesville, TX
  • Computer Controls – Mastek Innerstep, Inc., Tucson, AZ
  • Yaw System – Gearing Solutions, Inc., Solon, OH
  • Meteorological Sensors – Met One Instruments, Grants Pass, OR
  • Towers – AMBOR Structures, St Paul, MN
  • Metalwork and Fabrication –  Benson Machine Works, Inc., Omaha, NE