Welcome to QED Wind Power!

Our system is made primarily in the USA, and we’re proud to say that.

Built with two design philosophies in mind – to be simple and bulletproof – QED manufactures wind turbine systems designed to maximize electrical production while maintaining safety and reliability.

We have created a system that is reliably simple, yet effective.



QED was born from innovation. We build wind turbines for the future of green energy



Our proprietary installation process saves time. We team with our partners to simplify installations



We take safety seriously. QED’s Dashboard portal provides real-time control and access to our turbine systems


Quality Products

Quality is our focus. Our wind turbines are designed to be bulletproof in every environment


What is Wind Power?

Wind power is the ability to make electricity using the air flows that occur naturally in the earth’s atmosphere. Wind turbine blades capture kinetic energy from the wind and turn it into mechanical energy, spinning a generator that creates electricity.

Why Small Wind?

Distributed or “small” wind uses turbines of 100kW or smaller to directly power a home, farm or small business while still maintaining a grid connection.

Whats the Average ROI?

The Average Return On Investment or (ROI) for a QED Wind Turbine is about 5 years in many locations!

What are a Turbine’s Lifetime Emissions?

Wind turbines produce no greenhouse gas emissions during their operation. It takes a turbine less than six months to produce the amount of energy that goes into its manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance and decommissioning during its 20-25 year lifetime. Over its lifetime a wind turbine delivers up to 80 times more energy than is used in its production, maintenance and scrapping. Wind energy has the lowest ‘lifecycle emissions’ of all energy production technologies.

System Locations

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